Based on our extensive experience running Moraine Lake Shuttles and Lake Louise Shuttles, we have thoughtfully set our bookings to allow you to conveniently reserve seats both to and from your destination. Importantly, make sure to choose a departure time that aligns well with your schedule. Specifically, note that the bus to Moraine Lake arrives at the lake 30 minutes after departure. Meanwhile, the Lake Louise Shuttle reaches the lake merely 15 minutes post-departure. Furthermore, if you find yourself pressed for time, you might want to consider our Two Lake Combo. Through this option, you will have the unique opportunity to experience both Moraine Lake and Lake Louise within a mere span of 4 hours!

Moraine Lake Sunrise - Moraine Lake Shuttle - Lake Louise Shuttle

Departing From the Lake Louise Inn
$ 25 From
  • Moraine Lake Sunrise $75
  • Moraine Lake Shuttle $35
  • Lake Louise Shuttle $25
  • Group Discounts Applied Automatically At Checkout

    Passenger Count

    4-6 10% Off
    7-10 15% Off
    11-14 18% Off
    15+ 20% Off

Pre Season

Please contact us by email, text or phone for reservations outside of our summer Lake Louise and Moraine Lake Shuttles.

Route Schedules

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